Barco HDQ-2K40 Projector Rentals


40,000-lumen, 2K (2048×1080) 3-chip DLP projection system rental. • High-contrast 3-chip DLP™ engine • ImagePRO technology inside (Athena scaler) • Dual-core warp engine • Fully sealed optics • Extended wireless control options • 3D ready • Preview mode on LCD display and so much more. Includes carrying handle & rigging points.


40,000 Lumen 2K Projector Rental

The world’s brightest projector is now available for rental hire at your next event! With 2K resolution and at 40,000 lumens having a plethora of advanced features which include HD-Digital Cinema and being 3D ready, it has it all and guarantees an unequalled event experience! Its remarkable 2K resolution and high contrast ratio provides deep rich color saturation and brilliantly intense imagery for use on larger screens and surfaces. We can blend them, we can stack them… we can paint your whole building with moving imagery!!

The HDQ-2K40 is an amazing projection rental system with the convenience of Barco’s ImagePro technology built-in through the renowned Athena image scaler. Its modular design makes the HDQ simple to install and service; its solid, adjustable, and stackable frame makes it easy to rig. Extensive wireless features enable control of the projector’s many features and functions, including light-on-demand technology that allows full tuning of the HDQ’s light output to meet design needs. Typical applications include large venue rental and staging events, broadcast, Houses of worship, Digital Cinema and façade projection.

The HDQ-2K40 is compatible with the following Barco XLD lenses:
1.0, 1.45-1.8, 2.2-3.0, 1.8-2.4, 2.8-5.5, 5.5-8.5.

Note: Lenses rented separately.