LED Video Wall Rentals – 4mm


Barco NX-4 LED Video Wall Rentals – 4.6mm wall system.


LED Video Wall Rentals – Barco NX-4. Rent hire this LED wall system which produces a phenomenal contrast ratio of 4000:1 and a calibrated light output of 2000 Nit. In addition, a super-black shader casting combined with optimized geometry ensures dramatically enhanced horizontal and vertical viewing angles, a significant reduction in light reflections and deeper black levels than ever before.Barco’s new “Mag-frame,” built of carbon fiber, forms a support system far stronger, far lighter, and ten times less sensitive to deformation than the current “metal” structures. It uses optimized glue rather than screws, providing extremely tight tolerances along all three structural axes (x, y and z). Not only is carbon fiber incredibly strong, it is also super light. The weight of the NX-4 tile including structure and cables is 21% less than ILite 6XP. For the crew, this translates into significant savings in terms of transportation, serviceability, and far less stress on the overhead truss. With Mag-frame, LED modules connect directly to the structure via high-strength neodymium “neo” magnets, rather than traditional screws. No tools are required for mounting or removal. With each magnet capable of holding over 1000 times its own mass, the result is precise positioning, super easy setup, and a totally seamless display.

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