Midas Heritage 4000 Console Rentals


40 Channel Audio Console Soundboard Mixing Console rental hire in Orlando Florida. This mixer is what many would regard as the ultimate stage monitor console.


40 Channel Soundboard Mixer Rental

We offer digital audio sound board rentals in Orlando Florida. Rent hire top audio sound equipment technologies from Orlando’s longtime trusted rental source. Serving the industry with convention conference trade show meeting rentals, AV production and staging rental, and events of all kind throughout Orlando central Florida area and beyond with technology rental excellence since 1995. We have the perfect rental solution to ensure your show is a complete success.
This mixer is an evolution of the award winning Heritage 3000 with an additional 16 more busses, which has resulted in what many would regard as the ultimate stage monitor console.  As monitor applications have become more demanding, specifically with the increased usage of in-ear systems, it is now common to see multiple consoles bussed together to achieve the required number of outputs. The Heritage 4000 allows an engineer to run up to 40 mixes (plus stereo masters) from a single console, benefitting from Heritage buss flexibility, and ‘road proven’ digital assistance.